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Welcome to The Jefferson Place (JP). We are a periodically updated website dedicated to providing you with information through video, interesting article links, and book listings that are part of our growing library—Jefferson Place Library.

Our library features books for people who enjoy humanities, science, anthropology and economics. We welcome you to relax with our music section or indulge different articles and informative videos. JP also includes a phrontistery that features an expanding number of interesting words.

We, of course, do not advocate every single viewpoint or perspective shared in some of the resources provided. Our goal rather is to simply encourage constructive thought, and to invite you to be part of a community where you can inspire people to join in on discussions through The Jefferson Place Group.

None of the resources we share are for purchase. We are primarily an information depository and conversation exchange site. If you are interested in acquiring your own copy of a book or CD/MP3 download for instance, we trust you are comfortable visiting your public library or supporting your community bookstores and online retailers.

Keep in mind, practically all disciplines are embedded with relevant history. History is one of the most important topics. It is important to know where we have been and how we got there, along with the prevailing thoughts of any particular era, to discern where we might be heading. And for every book listed, there are sometimes several other books authored by someone else that is similar with regard to relevance, integrity and engagement.

We strongly feel they contribute to some aspect of what needs to be understood about assessing our world today. Our greatest hope is that you will be able to identify its subscription clearly and proceed with connecting the data points that align themselves with matters of today.

What we are not:
JP is not a current events news site providing day-to-day reports or any other calculated rhythm news provider. Although some of our links will gain the reader access to a news article or video, these will be chosen selectively and will be the minority.


Moving Forward
Initially the content with respect to resource listings will appear sparse and not reflective of what one envisions as a library. Kindly be patient. It will grow. After one year, as a JP visitor, you will see the road we have traveled to get where it will be by then.


Thank you for visiting our quiet corner of the world.

Special Notation: The Jefferson Place does not own the music, videos or articles on this website.


“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” ~Marie Curie

“Viscerally as a people we have a strong unspoken common denominator only separated by our religion, politics and sometimes spirit.” ~ The Jefferson Place