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Phrontistery (pronounced: fron – tis – ter – ree)

a list of uncommon and foreign words


The Library Room

  • The Learning English Room

  • Holidays at The Jefferson Place (live  on 11/1/21)  (M)


Music Hall

  • Just Music Room  (M)

  • Classical & Relaxation Music Room

  • Nature Music

  • Ambient Music

  • Easy Listening Instrumental Music Room (M)

  • Spiritual Music Room  (M)


Old School Room

  • Dance & Exercise Room  (M)

  • Jazz Music Room  (M)

  • Just Hard Rock Room    (M)

  • Just Classical Music Room

  • Country & Western Music Room  (M)

  • Old School Comedy Room  (M)


Back in Time Room

  • Artist's Nostalgia Room (M)

Informative Videos Room

  • All Health Room  (M)


Articles Room

  • The Children’s Room  (M)


Membership Sign Up Room

  • Suggestions Form  (M)


Learn More Section

  • Meditation Guide (access to videos)

  • Relaxation Guide (access to videos)

  • Benefits of Music (access to videos)

  • Benefits of Reading (access to videos)

  • Meditation and Relaxation Videos

  • Benefits of Music & Reading Videos

Under More . . . 

Member Shared Rooms

  • Member Shared Books  (M)

  • Member Shared Videos  (M)

  • Member Shared Articles  (M)  

Log In Section

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