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The Jefferson Place Something for Everyone Positive Affirmations

  • As I wake and welcome my day, I begin with thankfulness. I keep my thoughts geared towards positive thoughts and intentions. This positive energy in mind and spirit fuels my day. And is the momentum for trust in productive outcomes.


  • I choose to move forward learning from my lessons and not surrendering to arrested development. Today is another step towards a more evolved me.


  • Every day I am getting healthier and stronger in my mind and in my body. I envision a more healed me.


  • People who come across my path with ideas and comments that are unhealthy, unwise, and mean-spirited, are cues to walk away and steer myself towards the direction of encouragement, support, and love-based motives.


  • Comparing myself to others is not uplifting. Recalling who I was yesterday, and the improvements I intend to implement today, inspires me. Tomorrow I’ll remember this again.


  • I am grateful for all good that comes my way, in any form, and by anyone. I never miss an opportunity to express thankfulness to anyone or anything. A simple “thank you” does wonders for all souls. The universe cherishes gratitude.


  • I am undeterred by people who do not see the beauty I possess. As long as I strive to be thankful, to be positive, to never give up on being the healthiest me in mind, body, and spirit, and to remember that everyone is coming to terms with life in their own way, my space will never be cluttered by someone else’s view of me. My inner beauty radiates out to the world because I am here.


  • My mistakes will never define who I am. They are opportunity reminders for the person that made those mistakes. And irons in the fire for the me that keeps growing because of them.


  • Part of my purpose here is to acknowledge the meaning of my life. My soul integrity has meaning. My dreams have meaning. My intentions have meaning. All of these things serve my goals.


  • My day ends with gratitude and love for everyone and everything that touched my day with positive meaning and inspiration. And a profound appreciation for my dedication towards forward movement.   

© The Jefferson

Positive Affirmation

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