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By subscribing you become a special part of our community.  This website has something for everyone.  Subscription with The Jefferson is free.   As a TJP subscriber, you value experiencing a website that provides many engagement options without commercial interruptions and wish to show your support for the overall effort. We hope you discover many things that you'll find interesting and enjoyable.  


Email updates and newsletters are sent infrequently.  Subscribers may access all rooms 24/7. There is no fee.   


Our subscribers have the privilege of sharing book titles, videos, and text articles if they would like to.  Book titles, articles and videos submitted by subscribers appear on the relevant category channels. The only requirement is the URL must be in an uploaded format. 


Email addresses are private and never shared. 

The Jefferson offers a wide variety of free electronic books (e-books), music, educational videos, documentaries, and film-based content divided into various genres and disciplines. Multiple rooms can be found under most of the categories that trail along the top of this website.  For assistance finding any room, go to the Directory located under the Home tab.  All channels or rooms featured at The Jefferson Place will continue to be updated with additional content throughout the year.   

*Note: If we receive a larger number of shared book titles, articles and videos at any given time, we will do our best to post them eventually.  We appreciate your patience. 

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